Bouncing Back From Failure

Forbes has an article posted on How to Bounce Back From Failure:

Anyone who claims to have built something of lasting value–be it a business, personal relationship or a body of critical knowledge–without suffering serious pain and disappointment is either a liar or dangerously naïve. At some point on your journey, you will stumble and fall.

As the article mentions only 45% of startups make it to their 4th anniversary. In today’s troubled economic climate the challenges faced by new businesses are even greater. What separates successful entrepreneurs from the crowd is not a lack of failures, but the resiliency to pick themselves up and try again when things don’t go as planned.

Of course, when starting a new venture it is always worthwhile to do everything you can to increase your odds of success. Two great ways to do this are by adopting a properly written Business Plan and Automating Your Business. Franchises have a much, much higher success rate than general business startups, so Automating your Business to make it run like a franchise will give you an advantage over other companies that have not taken this crucial step.

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