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Do Your Last Minute Taxes Online!

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Did you know that TurboTax now allows you to not only do your personal tax return, but they also do Single-member LLC’s, Multiple-member LLC’s, S-Corporations and C-Corporations?

Great Small Business Advice from Larry Winget

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Larry Winget offers great small business and personal development advice in this recent article. He can be a bit “brusk” and in your face. He’s known as the “Pit Bull of Personal Development” so while his advice might not make you feel good, it is effective.

Specifically, his small business “truths” (each is summarized in the article)  include:

  • Apathy is killing business.
  • Attitude doesn’t matter.
  • Who cares if your employees are happy?
  • You don’t have to love your job – but it helps.
  • Not firing people is a cancer on your business.
  • Do the right thing no matter what.

And he summarizes with his “Larry’s all time best advice for business success:”

Do what you said you were going to do, when you said you were going to do it, in exactly the way you said you were going to do it.  You won’t ever get any better business advice than that.

Be there when you said you would be there.  Deliver when you said you would deliver.  Call when you said you would call.  Be a person who can be counted on by keeping his word every time.

While I don’t agree with every one of his “truths”, his summary is the absolute truth – we take it to heart here at and you should consider it as a cornerstone of great customer service for your small business.

Tracking Online Buzz

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Inc. Technology Blog has an Article Posted on ways to montior when your company is mentioned online:

Listen Up! Tracking software and services can alert you to what customers are saying about your business on social networks, blogs, and other social media. These tracking techniques offer steps beyond Google Alerts to keep you informed.

A few weeks ago, a Twitter user tweeted that she was planning to try Zitune, a restaurant in Los Altos, Calif. David Auerbach, the restaurant’s co-owner got an e-mail alert from a Web-based service Trackle, calling his attention to the tweet. As he often does, he sent a response thanking her for visiting Zitune and asking how she’d liked it. Soon, they had a dialogue going. Then she asked if Zitune’s chef (and Auerbach’s brother-in-law) would like to be interviewed for her video blog.

As social networking sites grow in popularity it is becoming more and more crucial to monitor any online mentions of your brand. You can use these methods to take advantage of opportunities to connect with satisfied clients who can become advocates for your services and products (as in the above example). You can also connect with clients who are dissatisfied before negative publicity grows and damages the public’s perception of your brand. An excellent example of why this can be valuable is the massive amount of bad buzz and negative publicity caused by United Airline’s handling of one angry customer’s request for replacement of a broken guitar (story HERE).

The method you choose to monitor mentions of your company is less important than having a system in place that ensures you are aware of it when your company is being discussed online.

Avoiding Bad Technology Habits

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Steven G. Atkinson from Technology Tips for SMB’s has a post up on Bad Technology Habits:

It seems that sometimes when people are talking they forget where they are. Or they get so engrossed in the conversation that they don’t realize who may be near.

As new technology enters the mainstream it is easy to make it part of your life without thinking about the consequences of that new technology on interpersonal relationships. This is true for both business and personal relationships. Most of the tips are pretty common-sense but it’s never a bad thing to be reminded of how things we are not thinking about can influence our interactions with other people.

Tips for Better Business Writing

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Stepcase Lifehack has a helpful article with 12 Tips for Better Business Writing:

If you’re one of the many people in business for whom writing has never been a major concern, you should know that a lack of writing skills is a greater and greater handicap with every passing year. Spending some time to improve your writing can result in a marked improvement in your hireability and promotional prospects.

At MyNewCompany we are always looking for ways to improve our communications skills. Whether we are responding to client email requests or live chats using our Support System, posting entries on Social Media Sites or creating new content for our site there is no such thing as “good enough” when it comes to communicating with our clients or potential clients. Constantly working towards improved communication methods is also a great step to include when developing your Marketing & Sales Strategy!