New Type of Business Insurance

BusinessWeek has an Article Posted on a new type of business insurance – trade credit insurance – which can be useful for companies that depend on receivables:

A business can purchase trade credit insurance for individual customers or as a blanket policy, covering a percentage of its receivables. Within a blanket policy, key accounts are identified for coverage. Once a policy is approved, the insurer sets a credit limit for each account and monitors them closely using proprietary risk management tools. If a customer appears to be in trouble, the insurer notifies the policyholder and will usually either reduce the credit limit or tighten the credit terms. In the event of a default, most policies provide full payout, minus a 10% deductible.

Obtaining Business Insurance is already the 9th step on’s Start-Up Checklist. It is always recommended to obtain a general Business Insurance Policy after starting your business. Trade Credit Insurance can provide an added safety net for your company beyond what is covered with a general policy.

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