Planning Early for 2010? MyNewCompany Launches Delay Filing Option.

Are you planning on starting a Corporation or LLC that will not be doing any business in 2009? This is a common situation for our clients. Many clients wish to begin the process of forming their companies now to avoid the January rush but do not want to pay Franchise taxes or file tax returns for 2009. launched the “Delay Filing” option on our Corporation and LLC order forms today. When you select this option (which is the last optional service on our order forms) we will file your formation documents so that the Effective Date of the filing (the official date when the company comes into existence) will be on or after January 1, 2010.

By selecting this option you will be able to avoid filing tax documents or paying Franchise taxes for 2009. If this option is selected the company will not be able to do business or accept payments in 2009.

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