Small Business Now Most Trusted Group in the USA

Small businesses are now more trusted than churches, colleges, the Obama Administration, Congress and the banks (no big surprise there). In fact, small businesses are now the most trusted group in the United States.

Small business is respected by at least 70% of Democrats, Republicans and Independents – there seems to be no political group that doesn’t overwhelmingly trust small business.

However, the poll also shows a striking lack of attention for small business from the Federal Government coming in as the most neglected group, just ahead of the Middle Class.

Of course this is not news to us, we’ve been singing the praises of small business for 9 years! We’ve also been keenly aware of the lack of Federal attention to the issues important to small business: too many rules and regulations, an out-of-control tax code, a health care system that still unfairly punishes small firms (health care reform or not), anti-competitive cooperation between big business and the government (including outrageous subsidies to large firms) and a laundry list of state and local issues.

In short, though small business is the most respected group in the US, it is the most neglected by government. This is a sad state of affairs considering most innovation and job creation comes from small business. It will ultimately be innovative startups, those brave few who actually start a company, that drag our country out of the current recession. The government should act like it cares.

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