The Benefits of a Business Audit

Business Management ABCs has an Article Posted on the benefits of conducting an internal Business Audit:

A business audit is a measurement in time of where your business is, in terms of its performance in the following areas:
1. Leadership
2. Planning
3. Marketing Strategy
4. Systems and Processes
5. Winning Teams
6. Marketing communication
7. Finance
8. Sales
Understanding where you are and where you want to be is fundamental to your business growth. It is also paramount to understand your business risks and how to eliminate them. Your business audit will bring any risks to the surface and you can then take action to remove them.

Conducting a business audit will be easier if you developed a Business Plan when starting up. Your business plan can be used as a yardstick to measure actual performance against your initial goals.

When reviewing your company’s processes and performance a proper Business Operations Manual is also very useful. Developing an Operations Manual is part of the process of Automating Your Business.

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