What to do when business is slow?

August is typically a slow month for most businesses as many people are on vacation before the kids go back to school.  In fact, in Europe, many parts of the entire economy simply shut down in August. 

MSNBC Small Business has an article that says August is not the time to despair about the lack of business but is, instead, the perfect time to get organized and clear off your to-do lists.

However, they also warn:

Of course, summer also means vacation time. Many new entrepreneurs shy away from taking time off while they’re trying to build their companies, but veterans will tell you that taking time off is critical. Some rest and relaxation will help you come back with more energy and new ideas.

Sounds like a great idea to me. Of course automating and managing your business can be helpful in this regard.

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  1. » List of Things to Do When Business is SlowAll Freelance Blog : Tips and Advice for Freelancers & Self Employed Says:

    […] Blog daily and put Google Ads on your blog…believe me the money will come in. Take a Vacation with the Family Since many freelancers work seven days a week, vacations are usually few and far between. When business is slow, this is the optimal time to get away for a little while and reconnect with the family. Since freelancers are never too far from their “office” as they usually work out of their home, getting away from it all in the way of a vacation is the perfect thing to do. Due to the fact that business is slow, there are no excuses with regard to being unable to get away from the office for a vacation. Take the Time to Have Some Fun If you don’t have the time or cash for a vacation, then at least allow yourself to have a little break from work. Use this free time to take a walk, go to the park, walk around in the mall, go out with some friends, go to the spa, or whatever floats your boat. Soon you will have more work than you can handle, so why not take advantage of this free time. Take Care of Household Duties For those who do freelance work out of their homes, it is often easy to overlook household duties and tasks, especially in the height of the work season. During the time when business is slow, use this time to take care of household duties whether it be something as simple as cleaning the bathrooms to something more extreme such as cleaning out the garage. Links to Similar Articles on the Net How Designers Can Make Money When Business is Slow Putting the Holiday Slump to Work for Your Business What to Do When Business is Slow On Discipline When Business is Slow Entrepreneurs Get Their Best Ideas During Down Time Entrepreneurs Get Their Best Ideas During Down Time What to do in Your Down Time Taking advantage of downtime Making the Most of Business DowntimeTechnorati Tags: slow business, business is slow, what to do when business is slow, what to do during downtime, business downtime, business down time, downtime, no business, no projects, freelance, freelancing, freelancers, consulting, consultants, free lance, self employment, self employed, freelance downtime […]

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